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Saturday, October 3, 2015

SchneiderE | HAZE Power in Carlswald North Lifestyle Estate

Best Quality, Best Performance & Power in Configuration for the Right Price.... were at the bottom on the choices made by our client (Electrical Engineer) in Carlswald, Midrand.

The Technology Choices incl:
  -  Schneider Electric XW+ 8.5kW Inverter (Hybrid)
  - Yingli Solar - 300W solar panels  (12x)
  - Haze Solar Batteries - AGM Gell - 12V 200AH C5
  - Lizard Mounting Technologies (SABS Approved) - Ballast Type for Flat Roof
  - Design & Installation by AM Solar - Professional Solar Solutions (also the best installation company in  Gauteng)

And on that note... here are the photos..

Designed & Installed by AM Solar - "Changing the World... One Building at a Time!"

Home Sells Solar Power to Grid - Midstream Estates, Midrand

This home in the upmarket Midstream Estate, sells all excess power back to the Utility Provider, in this case to the Midstream Estate Electricity Supplier.
It is a Grid-Tie system (No Batteries), using an ABB (Tier-One) 5kWp inverter with 10x 250W Yingli Poly-Crystalline solar panels.
The generated solar power will drive 1st: the load in the home (during sunlight hours) then 2nd: sell the excess power back into the Grid, in effect Crediting their electricity account.

SOLAR IN THE CLOUD - The ABB inverters have a WiFi monitoring capability. The VN300 WiFi Monitoring Card has been installed here, allowing the owner to access system performance details on his Smart Devices in the home and gives him advanced monitoring capability as all data is uploaded to the ABB server in Germany.
Whereby AM Solar & the home owner can access their system data and history via the Aurora Web Portal see:

Design & Installation by AM Solar - Professional Solar Solutions

Monday, September 28, 2015

Commercial 100kWp Solar Plant - Centurion, Tshwane

This is a work in progress project.
100kWp Photovoltaic (PV) Plant, Grid-Tied (No Batteries) in Centurion, Tshwane.

Technologies, incl.:
 - 3x 33kWp ABB (PRO-33.0) ABB Inverters
 - 320x 300W Yingli Solar, Poly-Crystalline Solar Panels
 - Lizard Solar Frames - Ballast Type, pitch is 20degrees.

Design & Installation by AM Solar - Professional Solar Solutions

Monday, August 10, 2015

AM Solar Installs the 1st Ingeteam "All-in-One" inverter in SA

AM Solar have installed the first Ingeteam Hybrid (1Play Sun Storage) inverter in SA.

Ingteam have 200 Mega Watts of solar power systems in SA (Grid-Tie Solar Farms, N.Cape), and have just introduced the battery inverters and AM SOLAR have had the pleasure to install the 1st one in Lonehill, Jhb.

Coupled with 12x 250W Yingli solar panels and 8x 100AH 12V Fiamm AGM batteries in a 96V nominal voltage system.

A little different from our usual design approach, but it performs extremely well, and the reduction in current (@96V) with the same power output is nice to work with.

We are very happy with this inverter stack, and we look forward to installing many more for our clients!!!

Designed & Installed by AM Solar - Professional Solar Solutions

Friday, August 7, 2015

We Install an AXPERT "All-in-One" Inverter - Northriding, Jhb

So we have installed a few of these inverters tooooooo!
The Axpert is a lower-cost inverter manufactured in China.

GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY... but still an entry system to solar.

This inverter has no where close to the power and capability of the SMA, SchneiderE, Ingeteam or even the Imeon inverters.

Coupled with 4xYingli 250W solar panels and the Monbatt AGM batts, the owner (Mr. Oosthuizen) is very happy with his system.

He did start with the 2.4kWp inverter, but we are about to upgrade to the 4kWp equivalent and add additional solar panels.
He wants to add additional day-time loads to his system... to ensure no excess solar power is wasted.

Design & Installation by AM Solar - Professional Solar Solutions

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Solar Photovoltaic System - Is My Baby!!

Our Client (Lawrence) is very happy with his solar photovoltaic (PV) system installed by AM Solar.

"I no longer have to worry about irritating loadshedding or even if the local transformer blows and we have no power for a few days,,,, AND I am able to give something back to the environment", says Lawrence.

Using the world-leading inverter, the Schneider Electric XW+ Hybrid Inverter (7kW) and Schneider Electric MPPT 60A Charge Controller, with 250W Yingli solar panels and the Fiamm AGM Gell batteries.

Design & Installation by AM Solar - Professional Solar Solutions

Monday, July 13, 2015

Eagle Canyon Client Selects the French Imeon Inverter

AM Solar install an Imeon "All-In-One" Hybrid Inverter in the beautiful Eagle Canyon Estate, in Honeydew, Randburg, Johannesburg
Using the Yingli 250W (6x) solar panels, the Fiamm AGM batteries and the Imeon Inverter... this client is no longer affected by the possibility of a Loadshed, and is able to use all excess power that does not need to re-charge the battery bank in their home with swimming pool pumps, washing machines, etc, etc.

Design & Installation by AM Solar - Professional Solar Solutions

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Safari Lodge near Thabazimbi - Mini Solar Farm + Priority Backup

Game Lodge and Game Breeding Farm near Thabazimbi needed Self Power generation capability and load shedding protection for Guest and Mission Critical operations on the farm.

AM Solar have designed and installed a Solar Power Plant that will generate all the farms power needs and supplied a number of independent battery backup systems for the various needs on the farm.

The Main Solar Plant is a mini-Solar Farm, or a Grid-Tied Photovoltaic (PV) Facility Ground Mounted that will inject current into the farm's transformer feed for Self-Consumption. This plant is easily expandable for future upscale needs.
Using Yingli Solar 300W Poly-Crystalline solar panels and ABB Grid-Tie inverters

The battery management inverters, controllers and monitoring are a combination of Schneider Electric, ABB and Cotek technologies with various AGM and Flooded Lead-Acid battery technologies.

System Designed and Installed by AM Solar - Professional Power Solutions

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Parkhurst Goes with SchneiderE + Yingli Solar

This Parkhurst, Johannesburg client has chosen to go with the incredible power of the Schneider Electric XW+ Inverter and Yingli Solar Combination of solar technologies.
Using the NXT AGM Batts.
System in Enhanced Grid-Support configuration (SchneiderE XW+ programming):
 - Batteries in  Standby
 - Solar Power Priority:
    1. Re-charge Batteries
    2. Supply Load
    3. Excess = Sell to Grid
 - Using 20% of available Batt power to Load
 - Blend available solar + Batt power, with remainder via Grid

Contact AM SOLAR for more information

Designed & Installed by AM Solar - Professional Solar Solutions

Thursday, July 2, 2015

!Surviving Loadshedding! Home/Home Office [Melville, Jhb]

This upmarket home in Melville, Johannesburg needed an urgent solution to Load Shedding for their home and home office.

AM Solar designed and installed this system to achieve that + more..!
The Fiamm AGM Battery bank remains in standby while the Schneider Electric XW+ 8.5kW intelligent inverter|charger direct feeds Day-Time loads (e.g. Koi Pond, Geysers, etc.).

If and when the Grid is lost (i.e. Loadshedding), the inverter will take control of the homes main DB board and disconnect non-critical loads and only power the critical loads (e.g. PC's, Laptops, TV's, alarms, fridges... etc) that will then be powered by the battery bank for a duration of between 4 hours to 8 hours.

Inverter, controller and monitoring technologies by Schneider Electric and Victron Energy.
Solar panels are 300W poly-crystalline solar panels.

Designed and Installed by AM Solar - Professional Power Solutions.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Solar Powered/Loadshed Proof Home in Bryanston, Jhb

Using the Schneider Electric Hybrid Inverter (XW+8.5kW) and Charge Controller (XW+60A MPPT), with Yingli 300W solar panels and Fiamm AGM solar cells, this home does not even know when the Grid Supply get interrupted. Design and Installation by AM Solar.

Client (Heather) says..."the only clue we get, is when all the neighbours generators start up in our complex, what a noise. Time for them to go Solar too!!!"
She goes on to say... "we are no longer worried about extended outages either, as our battery bank is big enough to keep us going for day or more, if we manage our load a little."

Design & Installation by AM Solar - Professional Solar Solutions

Monday, June 29, 2015

Net-Zero Energy Home with Battery Backup - Craighall Park, Jhb

This home in Craighall Park in Johannesburg wanted to get to a Nett-Zero Energy home, thus the home will produce all the power it needs via Solar and then also to have backup (power outage) power and solar energy for night-time usage.

AM Solar Designed a system using the superb SMA SunnyBoy and SunnyIsland technologies to achieve this with, an intelligent battery switching logic based on partial battery usage at night and to leave a pre-determined state-of-charge in the batts for morning usage, in  case of a power outage from the grid.

The Home Main DB Board also auto-controls via the SMA SunnyIsland inverter|charger the homes loads based on battery state and grid-availability.

Yingli 250W solar panels and Fiamm AGM batteries where used.

Designed & Installed by AM Solar - Professional Power Solutions