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Thursday, November 7, 2019

What is Loadshedding? - Client in Midstream Estates Can Ask.

AM Solar has designed and installed another full powered solar system where the client does not need to worry about Loadshedding for aprox the next 12 years.

This is in the beautiful Copperleaf Golf Estate.

Lithium-Ion batteries are guaranteed for 10 years to cycle every single day but are expected to last for up to 12 to 15 years.
Solar Panels are guaranteed for 25 years and the inverter is expected to only need replacement at year 12.
House also close to 100% self-sufficient wrt electricity from this solar system.

The solar system has been programmed to operate in the Goodwe ECONOMY MODE - thereby giving the client BACKUP POWER & SAVINGS the client loads of money on their electricity bill.

- Backup Load (Priority Circuits in DB  e.g. Lights, Fridges, TV's, Alarms, Kitchen, Computers, etc) get their power from:
     1st: Solar Power (from the Solar Array)
     2nd: Battery Power
     3rd: Grid Power (as a last resort)
     4th: Standby Gene Power (Future Option).
 - Excess Power will feed Non-Priority Load (e.g. Geysers, Pool, Stove, Washings Machines, etc).
 - Remaining Excess Power can be fed back into the Grid (Nett-Metering)

 Design, Supply and Installation by AM Solar - Professional Solar Solutions

Friday, November 1, 2019

SASOL SA - Commercial Solar Roof-Top Solar Plant (Sasolburg

AM Solar worked closely with the SASOL Petroleum Consulting Engineers and the Architects in providing the correct solution for SASOL's new warehouse in Sasolburg, Free State, SA.

The project was completed within the allocated Project Plan an the company is making significant money saving on the Operation of their Building.
The client is considering to expand the solar plant on the same building to extend their savings and reduce their Carbon Footprint even further.

The client has access to the most advanced monitoring system on the market with the Solaredge Module-Level Monitoring System, where the client (and AM Solar) at a glance monitor the performance of each solar panel in the plant.

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Design, Supply and Installation by AM Solar - Professional Solar Solutions