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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Randburg Home - Victron ESS Solar System

This client has a home in Randburg and have been considering for a few years to convert the home to 100% Solar Power. Their home is already very sustainable with various other Green Technologies already incorporated.

Eventually they decided to take the leap and they chose AM Solar to do the project for them.
The end result has been (once again) a huge success, with the homes daily electricity coming from 110% the solar system.
The battery bank can store the full night time need and more++.
Yes, they have excess solar power available which they could chosse to sell back to JHB City Power.

ESS/Self-Consumption Explained:
- Backup Load (Priority Circuits in DB  e.g. Lights, Fridges, TV's, Alarms, Kitchen, Computers, etc) get their power from:
     1st: Solar Power (from the Solar Array)
     2nd: Battery Power
     3rd: Grid Power (as a last resort)
     4th: Standby Gene Power (Future Option).
 - Excess Power will feed Non-Priority Load (e.g. Geysers, Pool, Stove, Washings Machines, etc).
 - Remaining Excess Power can be fed back into the Grid (Nett-Metering)

Solar System:
 - Candian Solar 330W Modules
 - Victron Multiplus 5KVA Hybrid Inverter
 - Victron MPPT Charge Controllers
 - Pylontech Lithium-Ion Batteries
 - Nett-Metering Management & Monitoring by Victron (VRM) 

Design, Supply and Installation by AM Solar - Professional Solar Solutions

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Phase 1 - Large 3-Phase Residential Ground Mount Solar System

AM Solar have designed and installed an advanced ESS (Energy Storage System wiith Self-Consumption) Solar system for this client in Randjesfontein Equestrian Est, Midrand.

This is Phase I of the eventual 3-Phase solar system.
The system will deliver enough solar power to power the entire smallholding, incl water pumps, irrigation systems and normal household loads.

Excess power is throttled back by the Victron Venus operating system untill ESKOM allow nett-metering.

As the solar panels are located quite far from the main house and inverter/batt plant, we designed an AC-Couple, Ground Mount PV Plant, that will drive the Vistron Inverters and SolarMD Lithium-Ion batts.

Solar System:
 - Canadian Solar 330W Modules
 - AMS Galv/Alu Ground Mount Mounting System.
 - Victron Multiplus 10KVA Quattro Inverter
 - SolarMD Lithium-Ion Batteries
 - Nett-Metering Management & Monitoring by Victron (VRM) 

 Design, Supply and Installation by AM Solar - Professional Solar Solutions