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Monday, August 10, 2015

AM Solar Installs the 1st Ingeteam "All-in-One" inverter in SA

AM Solar have installed the first Ingeteam Hybrid (1Play Sun Storage) inverter in SA.

Ingteam have 200 Mega Watts of solar power systems in SA (Grid-Tie Solar Farms, N.Cape), and have just introduced the battery inverters and AM SOLAR have had the pleasure to install the 1st one in Lonehill, Jhb.

Coupled with 12x 250W Yingli solar panels and 8x 100AH 12V Fiamm AGM batteries in a 96V nominal voltage system.

A little different from our usual design approach, but it performs extremely well, and the reduction in current (@96V) with the same power output is nice to work with.

We are very happy with this inverter stack, and we look forward to installing many more for our clients!!!

Designed & Installed by AM Solar - Professional Solar Solutions

Friday, August 7, 2015

We Install an AXPERT "All-in-One" Inverter - Northriding, Jhb

So we have installed a few of these inverters tooooooo!
The Axpert is a lower-cost inverter manufactured in China.

GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY... but still an entry system to solar.

This inverter has no where close to the power and capability of the SMA, SchneiderE, Ingeteam or even the Imeon inverters.

Coupled with 4xYingli 250W solar panels and the Monbatt AGM batts, the owner (Mr. Oosthuizen) is very happy with his system.

He did start with the 2.4kWp inverter, but we are about to upgrade to the 4kWp equivalent and add additional solar panels.
He wants to add additional day-time loads to his system... to ensure no excess solar power is wasted.

Design & Installation by AM Solar - Professional Solar Solutions